How To Easily Read Any Article, From Any Newspaper, for FREE (Don’t worry – it’s super easy)

Hey gang, want to learn a neat trick? Part of being a properly red-pilled citizen means reading the news often and sometimes that includes the left-wing garbage distributed by dinosaurs like the New York Times and the Washington Post (if for no other reason than because they are the most commonly cited sources of information). Unfortunately, most legacy newspapers still use subscriptions. The New York Times typically gives you one free article per day, but most others, like WaPo, go straight to a paywall.

For the over-40 crowd, a ‘paywall’ is the annoying popup that appears on your screen a few seconds after you open the article; it covers up all but the headline of the article, or maybe it teases you with the first few lines. You are asked to either log-in or signup and pay a subscription fee to help fund their propaganda campaigns (see example below). The fact that these organizations are literally helping to wage a war against you is bad enough; being forced to pay for it just absurd. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Example of paywall at, June 24, 2021

There are a number of tricks to get around this, most of which involve relatively sophisticated browser extensions and a good VPN, but I promised you a “super-easy” trick in the headline and that’s exactly what you’ll get. The easiest way to sidestep a paywall is the old “highlight all & copy” trick.

You will have two to five seconds before the servers delivering that article to you can obtain your IP address, check that IP against its database, realize you are not a returning subscriber and then send up the paywall. In the space of these few seconds before the paywall pops up, just hit CTRL+A and then CTRL+C. That’s it! The former will instantly highlight all of the text and images on the page (yes, including the material not currently visible on the monitor) and the later will copy all of that material to your ‘clipboard.’ Go ahead and open up a blank Word doc (or whatever program you use to type documents) then use CTRL+V to paste that copied material onto the blank doc. Note: you don’t have to get the material pasted onto the blank doc before the paywall pops up – you only have to get the first two steps (highlight all and copy) done in that short space of time. If you mess up, just refresh the page and try again.

Use CTRL+A to ‘highlight all’ and CTRL+C to ‘copy.’ Then paste that copied material to a blank doc.

Works every time… You’re welcome.

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