Clown of the Week: CNN’s Brian Stelter

Host of CNN’s Reliable Sources Brian Stelter has seen his ratings plummet by more than half since January, not coincidentally when Donald Trump left office, clocking in at only 656,000 viewers last weekend. Stelter re-released his book last week and has seen only a paltry 2,000 book sales so far.

Tucker Carlson DESTROYED Stelter on his show Thursday night, pointing out that there are several DIY Manuals on Drywall that are currently outselling Stelter’s book and then suggesting that Stelter “…get out of media — immediately.” You can check out the video on my Clownworld page HERE, or by clicking the image below.

The timing of this embarrassing flop couldn’t be worse for CNN, which also had to deal with the return of Jeffery Toobin this week, the long-time CNN pundit who was caught masturbating on a CNN zoom call. Shockingly, that incident was not enough to justify the network terminating him. Imagine if he were a conservative…

Congratulations Brian Stelter! Clown of the Week for June 25, 2021

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