Book Review: “Breaking The News” by Alex Marlow

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was very excited for this book to be released and it lived up to the hype. This debut effort by Alex Marlow, the protege of right-wing icon Andrew Breitbart and current Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News, delivered on its promise to expose the well-hidden, business-side of today’s media and highlight some truly frightening realities of the shockingly small group of people who decide “what the news is” nowadays. Here is a synopsis of the book from it’s publisher:

From the editor in chief of Breitbart News, a firsthand account of how the establishment media became weaponized against Donald Trump and his supporters on behalf of the political left.

Alex Marlow was just a twenty-one-year-old UC Berkeley student when renowned media mogul Andrew Breitbart hired him as his first employee. Breitbart began mentoring Marlow on how to fight the culture war one headline at a time and to remain resilient in the face of personal attacks.

Now, in this eye-opening and timely book, Marlow explains how the establishment press destroyed its own credibility with a relentless stream of “fake news” designed to smear Donald Trump and his supporters while advancing a leftist agenda. He also reveals key details on how our information gatekeepers truly operate and why America’s “fake news” moment might never end.

Breitbart—and Trump—began banging the drum about “fake news” during the 2016 election, and it resonated with millions of voters because they intuitively knew the corporate media was willing to say or write anything to achieve their political ends. It’s a battle cry that continues to this day. Alex and his team of researchers elucidate the stunning details of the key “fake news” moments of the Trump era and take a deep dive into some of the right’s favorite media targets: from Bloomberg, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times to the tech elite in Silicon Valley. Deeply researched and eye-opening, Breaking the News rips back the curtain on the inner workings of how the establishment media weaponizes information to achieve their political and cultural ends.

Alex Marlow, Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News and author of Breaking the News

Simon & Schuster’s synopsis above is accurate. The book was very well-written; it was both well-organized and easy to read. Marlow’s writing style actually reminded me a lot of Andrew Breitbart himself – smart and concise but “approachable.” The book is free from the stuffy, pseudo-intellectual bloat that seems to plague so many other authors on the New York Times Bestseller List.

My only issue, and my sole reason for withholding that fifth star, was its tendency to provide too much recap of the past 5 years. Obviously, an understanding of what has gone on since Donald Trump arrived on the scene is necessary to fully comprehend the book. But for those of us who are news junkies, having just lived through it all, the granular level play-by-play that Marlow falls back on from time-to-time can feels like a bit of a chore to get through. On the other hand, for readers who are relatively new to the Cultural Right or haven’t been extremely tuned-in to the news over the past 5 years, the detailed summations this book provides will be just what the doctor ordered.

The exploration of Bloomberg’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the incestuous nature of legacy media outlets with America’s corporate boardrooms was well worth the price of admission. I highly recommend Breaking The News.

Forget Amazon, you can buy the book at Barnes & Noble, here.

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