Clown of the Week: Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary

I almost feel bad for her. This week, the geniuses in leadership at the Democratic Party decided to try and shake off their “defund the police” problem by attempting to turn the issue on it’s head and blame Republicans for actually defunding the police. Ha! Like a good soldier, Jen Psaki marched out to the White House press pool and told them the grass isn’t green.

Apparently there was a minuscule amount of funding earmarked for local police in the massive CoVid relief dumpster-fire of a bill that was blocked by Republicans last month (and a few Dems too). With all thier marketing research indicating to Democrat leadership that people actually detest the idea of “defunding the police,” they figured they had to do something.

In any case it backfired; it’s become a running joke all week.

Ted Cruz was actually very funny when he reacted to this on Hannity, joking that Dems blaming “defund the police” on Republicans is “like OJ saying he’s going to help find the real killer.” It’s before the one minute mark in the video below:

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