Lib-Fail: Democrat Terry McAuliffe Gets Lambasted on Twitter for Obviously Staged Video

Former Governor of Virginia and long-time Clinton sycophant Terry McAuliffe (D) decided to post a ‘Happy 4th of July’ video to his Twitter page last weekend (see above). In what was presumably an attempt to present himself to the public as a relatable, normal human being, as he gears up for another Gubernatorial run, McAuliffe obviously went rogue from his PR team. The video shows the long-time Democrat insider wearing a ‘regular guy shirt’ and speaking with ‘regular guy idiosyncrasies’ in front of a ‘regular guy cooking device.’ It was painfully awkward. In the video, he proudly exclaims:

“I’ve got some burgers going. I’ve got some great sausage. I have a nice cold beer, a nice old hot dog, sausage, beer. That is July 4th, man. Everybody go and have a great day. Let’s go, Virginia.”

-Terry “Regular Guy” McAuliffe
Screenshot of McAuliffe’s Video

Unfortunately for Terry, he forgot (or perhaps was unaware how?) to turn the grill on! He also neglected to open that “ice cold beer” – a Miller Lite to be precise… I’m sure he’s a huge fan of ‘regular guy beer.’ You can view the video directly on Twitter for yourself by clinking the link below (if he hasn’t deleted it yet).

It didn’t take the Twitter vultures long to rip him to shreds. Some of my favorite responses are embedded below – the first one is from yours truly. Enjoy…

Yes, That was me! ^

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