YouTube Suspends ACU Account During CPAC; Effectively Censoring the Highest Profile Conservative Event of the Year

Unfortunately, this my second Big Tech censorship story in just one day.

YouTube has effectively banned coverage of the entire CPAC conference.

According to an article by the Epoch Times on Sunday, YouTube deleted a video uploaded by the American Conservative Union (“ACU”) for allegedly violating YouTube’s terms and conditions about COVID-19. The ACU is the organization that hosts CPAC, an annual multi-day conference of conservative politicians and media figures that is currently taking place in Dallas. The video uploaded by the ACU was entitled “America UnCanceled” and featured former President Donald Trump discussing his upcoming lawsuit against Google (the parent company of YouTube), Facebook and Twitter.

According to a statement by the ACU, YouTube “issued a strike” against the ACU’s account for sharing content that contained “medical misinformation” on July 9. YouTube did not cite any specific examples of the the alleged “misinformation” but the ACU believes it was likely in response to a comment from former President Trump referencing studies about hydroxychloroquine and its efficacy in treating COVID-19.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

As a result of the “strike” against its account, the ACU is prevented from sharing any content for one week; meaning they will not be able to share any additional content from CPAC, including former President Trump’s speech scheduled for July 11. YouTube has effectively banned coverage of the entire CPAC conference.

The ACU feels that any discussion of “medical misinformation” on YouTube’s behalf is just a pretext to censor coverage of CPAC. ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp said,

“This is yet another example of Big Tech censoring content with which they disagree in order to promote the political positions they favor… Google’s political biases heavily influence YouTube’s definitions of ‘misinformation’ and that the political beliefs of Google executives take priority over the free speech rights of Google users.”

ACU Chairman, Matt Schlapp

Schlapp recently told Fox News that the former President’s speech will be highlighting the fight against Big Tech, the fight against illegal immigration, and the fight to ‘fire’ Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer; a reference to the upcoming 2022 midterms.

Given the topics up for discussion at CPAC, there certainly seems to be ample reason for Google (YouTube’s parent company) to want coverage of the event to be diminished. This comes on the heels Google’s censorship of Mike Cernovich’s report on the SPLC’s link to a left wing terrorist, a story reported by Breitbart and discussed in my recent blogpost, Google censors Mike Cernovich’s Report on The SPLC link to Left Wing Terrorist.

This provides additional evidence to justify the existence if what I call the Radical Axis – an affiliation of the Democratic Party, Big Tech companies, the Mainstream Media and the entrenched bureaucracy (aka ‘Deep State’) – to promote their mutual interests.

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