#JesticeForJussie: Smollett Back in Court Today

No, it’s not a typo in my headline; as long as this clown is still walking free he is a product of the jestice system – not the justice system. Smollett will be back in court today but don’t get excited, it’s just a hearing over a technical issue.


You’ll recall the disgraced actor was accused of staging a “racist attack” in Chicago, back in January of 2019. The alleged attack was an absurd pile of clichés – two white men (pictured below) in a pickup truck with MAGA hats on, beat him up, tied a noose around his neck and threw bleach on him (to make him less black?), while using anti-gay and anti-black slurs and telling him “this is MAGA country,” as he left a Subway sandwich shop in one of America’s blackest cities at 2am in the middle of a polar vortex. I guess there’s a reason why Jussie was an actor and not a writer.

The two racist, white guys that allegedly assaulted Smollett

Many on the right openly questioned the story and were immediately condemned as racist. After the Chicago police arrested Smollett, the Cultural Left struggled to remove it’s collective feet from it’s collective mouth. However; the most important part of the story involves Kim Foxx, the Chicago DA at the time. Kim Foxx was one of many George Soros-sponsored DA’s around the country and although she eventually recused herself from the case, her office dropped all charges against Smollett for no apparent reason. They just sort of said, “meh… not interested,” and let Smollett off the hook. Hence the “Jestice” referred to in the headline.

Kim Foxx, former Soros-sponsored Chicago District Attorney

A federal DOJ investigation later cited “unprecedented irregularities” in the case and Smollett was re-indicted in February of 2020.

Today’s Hearing

Today’s hearing in a Chicago court is so that the judge can make a decision about whether or not Smollett’s lead attorney can stay on the case. Apparently that attorney had contact with the Osundairo brothers, (the two white racists pictured above), before he took the case for Smollett. The judge will consider whether or not the contact the attorney had with those brothers created an “attorney-client” relationship and, if so, whether or not any information gleaned from them (like the fact they Smollett hired them to stage the attack in the first place) disqualifies him from representing Smollett. In either case, all of this revolves around “privileged” information so don’t expect a who lot of news to come out of today’s hearing. I would expect the judge to keep most of the proceedings sealed. We certainly shouldn’t expect to see Smollett incarcerated yet… but his day is coming.


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