Teacher’s Union President Claims DeSantis Will Kill “Millions of Floridians” – Called out for Gross Overstatement

This article was also published by The RF Angle, here.

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, claims that Ron DeSantis will “kill millions of Floridians” in a tweeted response to a Washington Post story about DeSantis selling “Don’t Fauci My Florida” merchandise.

WaPo posted the following tweet on Wednesday morning:

Weingarten responded later the evening by tweeting:

With Johns Hopkins pegging the current total US CoVid death toll at < 610,000, Weingarten’s statement is hyperbole to say the least and disinformation at the worst. Weingarten has been the face of the teachers’ unions for decades; she is former President of the United Federation of Teachers and current President of the American Federation of Teachers. Throughout the course of her career, Weingarten has been an outspoken Democrat hardliner, who has been often criticized for fighting against measures to address teacher incompetence, was accused of interfering in local elections of the Washington Teachers’ Union in 2010, and was caught plagiarizing a speech in 2011.

It didn’t take long for the the public to the jump all over her for her “Millions of Floridians” comment. Here are a few of the responses:

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