Clown of the Week: Robin DiAngelo

Were you unaware that the most talked-about author of the last three years has a new book out? That’s because it’s terrible. In fact it’s so bad that even the liberal media isn’t lying about it (that’s pretty f***ing bad!). Rather, they have chosen the next best tactic when something inconvenient to their cause happens – they are ignoring it.

Robin DiAngelo is widely known as the author of White Fragility, a book that has become something of a sacred scripture on the radical left – selling over a million copies since its release in 2018, much of which came during the 2020 summer of riots. DiAngelo has finally released her long-awaited follow-up entitled, Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm. It’s an absolute flop.

Nice Racism sold a meager 3,500 copies in its first week. That’s in stark contrast to the book currently atop the New York Times Best Seller list – Jessie Watters’, How I Saved the World – which sold about 34,000 in its debut week. Nice Racism was awarded a spot on the prestigious list at number 13, despite having substantially less sales than the books listed at 14 and 15 (you can do that if you’re the New York Times), but it was a fleeting moment for DiAngelo. By the second week of sales the lukewarm reviews began to pour in and the liberal media realized it was better to sweep Nice Racism under the rug.

The thesis of this new book seems to be that even well-meaning, “nice” people (urban liberals who dutifully support the BLM agenda and make up DiAngelo’s core audience) are racists, even when they are self-declared, rabid “antiracists.” Here’s an excerpt that sums it up:

how insightful…

Like the plantation owners of the antebellum American south, black oppression has made DiAngelo very wealthy. For this middle-aged white woman to show-up and speak about black oppression, you’ll be charged $20,000 per one-hour appearance or $40,000 for a half-day event. With an estimated eight to ten events each month, speaking engagements have indeed become a very lucrative endeavor for DiAngelo. That’s in addition to her newly thriving business which provides “cultural sensitivity training” to scores of corporate and institutional clients as well as the residuals from the platinum-selling White Fagility. As of July 2020, she owned at least three homes in her native Washington state alone.

At first I thought, perhaps liberals are finally realizing that this woman is total fraud – tossing a few vapid, woke clichés into a word-salad under the pretense of “social justice,” then immediately leveraging the exposure for everything it’s worth. Then I remembered that these are the same people who “believed” the President of the United States was a Russian spy for four years. No, no, no – the real reason that this book is flopping, is because it’s critical of the people reading it. I think Philip Klein from the National Review said it best. He wrote:

“My rough thesis is that white progressives were okay purchasing her earlier book because it was on white racism broadly speaking. As long as white people in general are being accused of being racist and fragile, white progressive readers can imagine that other white people are racist and fragile, and not them… In retrospect, it may not have been the wisest marketing strategy for DiAngelo to write a book directly accusing her core audience of white progressives of being racists themselves.”

Phillip Klein, National Review Online, July 8, 2021

Look, I don’t fault DiAngelo for making money. Exploiting emotionally-fragile morons for financial gain is as much an American tradition as baseball and apple pie. But the number one rule of exploiting emotionally-fragile morons is, don’t tell them they’re emotionally-fragile morons! DiAngelo broke that rule, and for this reason she is the Dangerous Thoughts “Clown of the Week.”

Congratulations Robin!

Robin DiAngelo, rich white lady

2 thoughts on “Clown of the Week: Robin DiAngelo

  1. I’m wondering how her friend in Whole Foods was able to see these “over-solicitous” white people smiling at her when they have all been wearing efing masks over their mouths for the last year and it’s still going on in liberal towns. It wasn’t me smiling at them. I don’t have white guilt.

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