US Women’s Soccer Team Gets on its Knees and Blows Olympic Opener to Sweden

The 44-game win streak of the US Women’s Soccer Team came to an abrupt end Tuesday as Megan Rapinoe and her merry band of woke warriors were annihilated by a supposedly inferior Swedish team, 3-0 (yes, apparently 3-0 is a undisputed blowout in the soccer world). The game was played in an empty stadium due to Japan’s gross mishandling of the CoVid outbreak, so the already the already excruciatingly boring game was played with even less excitement than usual.

The US Women’s soccer team has been a mainstay in headlines across the world recently, mostly for it’s overtly left-wing political stance, alignment with Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Inc. and insistence on making political gestures before games.

After this embarrassing loss to Sweden, perhaps they’ll consider that they haven’t spent enough time preparing to compete for an Olympic title; the ladies, particularly team Captain Megan Rapinoe, have been very busy giving political interviews, shilling products for “woke corporations” like Subway and Nike, and even modeling for Victoria Secret.

David Hookstead from the Daily Caller probably said it best:

I never cheer against America, but it’s damn hard to cheer for our women’s national soccer team. They’ve spent years protesting and complaining about money, and then they get obliterated to open the Olympics. If you can’t even show up and win, then why are we putting up with any of the other nonsense?

The Daily Caller, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Gets Humiliated By Sweden To Start The Olympics

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