UPDATE: Michigan “Governatrix” Stripped of Emergency Powers by State Legislature

On July 14, I posted an article about the Michigan Board of Canvassers’ certification of the “Unlock Michigan” petition (see here), allowing the Michigan legislature to take a floor vote on whether or not to rescind the Emergency Powers Act of 1945, effectively stripping Governor Whitmer of the emergency powers she has used to crush Michiganders with ineffective, draconian lock-down measures for over a year.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

On Wednesday, the Republican-majority Michigan Legislature voted 60-48 the governor. Moving forward, any Governor in that state will need legislative approval for health-related emergency actions that last more than 28 days. The repeal will take effect 90 days after the current legislative session is closed.

This movement started as a grassroots-level petition from a group called Unlock Michigan, which describes itself as follows:

“Unlock Michigan is a coalition of concerned Michiganders who believe that Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s crushing lockdown of life and business across Michigan is a dangerous threat to our livelihoods and constitutional liberties. We believe it is time for the people of Michigan to take back the power and remove the outdated law.”


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