The New Lexington: A Government Ѷaẍ Mandate May Become the New “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” – That’s Why They Are Slow-Rolling It

Ѷaẍɛɛnes may prove to be the Lexington of the American Culture War

We’ve been anticipating a “shot heard ’round the world” moment in the Culture War for a long time now. Ѷaẍɛɛne mandates may be the new Lexington – this could be the place where the Cultural Right makes its stand. The Radical Axis understands this – that’s why compulsory ѷaẍᴉnation is being slow-rolled.

Many of us on the Cultural Right are asking ourselves this week: “Should ѷaẍɛɛnes be the hill we’re willing to die on?” My answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

I’ll outline why that is below, but first we need to lay down some context.

There is nothing happening in world right now that provides a more stark contrast between the Cultural Left and the Cultural Right than the issue of ѷaẍ mandates. The CDC backtracked this week, issuing “recommendations” (which, from a practical standpoint, do in fact have the force of law) compelling even vaccinated persons to wear masks indoors again, citing concerns over the new Δ-ѷariant of the virus. It also compels K-12 children to wear masks at school again despite overwhelming evidence that this is unnecessary, or even counter-productive. This is the beginning of a pressure campaign by the Radical Axis to see how far they can push the Cultural Right – in other words, this is an exercise designed to see how much resistance the right will push back with. It has absolutely nothing to do with CȫѶid-˥9 or public health.

The Cultural Right presently encompasses somewhere between one third and one half of the population of the United States. I’m hesitant to speak for all of us, but I think I can safely sum up our position on ѷaẍ mandates as follows: If everyone has had the opportunity to get the ѷaẍ (and that is clearly the case now), and the ѷaẍ is highly effective (which the government claims that it is, and I offer no evidence to the contrary), then why is another mask mandate necessary? In direct contrast to their previous claims, the CDC is claiming that those who are vaccinated may still be able to transmit the disease to others. Ok, let’s accept that claim for the sake of argument. Who then are these new mandates designed to “protect?” If those who have been ѷaẍᴉnated are in-fact protected, and everyone has had a chance to get the ѷaẍ, then the only people that this new mandate ostensibly seeks to protect are those of us who have chosen to remain un-ѷaẍᴉnated. Are we expected to believe that the left is pushing this mandate to protect us from… ourselves? Of course not.

So then what exactly is the end game here? It’s a test… a dry run. The idea is to see exactly how far “our half” of the country can be pushed to comply with government mandates. When it comes to mandated ѷaẍɛɛnes there are two types of mandates – explicit and de facto. An explicit, outright ѷaẍɛɛne mandate from the federal government is unlikely, at least in the short term. What we are beginning to see from the government is the slow-rolling of a de facto mandate – which works by creating an environment wherein it becomes so difficult to carry on with one’s life, that one essentially MUST go get the ѷaẍɛɛne, even though it is not explicitly mandated.

Dr. Leana Wen, a CNN analyst and Fellow at the Fitzhugh Mullan Institute of Health Workforce Equity at George Washington University recently made headlines when she stated, “it needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated.” This was a call for a de facto ѷaẍ mandate and it has been repeated by Radical Axis media outlets ad nauseam for the past few weeks, particularly since the CDC’s recent mask mandate backtracking.

The end goal for the government is to implement a system like the Chinese “SESAME” social credit system (you can read about it here if you’re unfamiliar). For those of you thinking that this is just too far fetched; that something like this can only fly in communist China, consider this: England has rolled out an app through its socialized healthcare agency, the National Health Service (NHS). The app tracks users’ locations via cellphone, reports personal data back to the government and will send the user an alert if they come into contact with a CoVid positive individual, triggering the legal obligation to self-isolate for a predetermined period of time. The user’s phone will then report their location back to the government, to make sure that the user is isolating. During a one week period in July, 750,000 children were sent home from school and additional 500,000 adults were “pinged” by the app, many unnecessarily, in what has since been dubbed “pinggate” by those on the right. The UK government has stopped short of mandating that everyone download the app but they have created a situation where it is very difficult to go about one’s daily life without it – a de facto mandate. Many Britons will not be able to work, attend school or even enter a place of business without showing their ‘vaccine passport’ via the NHS app.

France is rolling out a similar system. French President Emmanuel Macron has mandated French citizens to use “Healthpass,” an app similar to the English NHS app. The app works like a health passport – everyone must demonstrate proof of ѷaẍᴉnation in order to gain entry to a myriad of places, which now includes bars, restaurants, trade shows, trains and hospitals. This has triggered protests in the streets of Paris for three straight weekends now. Below is a video of the most recent protest, just this weekend.

French protesters take to the streets to demonstrate against mandated use of “Healthpass” – a ѷaẍɛɛne passport app that is being used to enforce a de facto ѷaẍ mandate.

With their socialist counterparts in other Western countries like England, France and Germany pushing forward with de facto ѷaẍ mandates, leftist American lawmakers are pushing forward with the effort to bring those policies here to the US. This is being done as a dry-run to see how far the American Cultural Right will allow itself to be pushed – with an eye on the ultimate goal of a Chinese-style SESAME system (which was built in large part by American tech companies by the way).

Let’s also make clear one final point; this is not a battle between the ѷaẍᴉnated and the unѷaẍᴉnated. The leftist media will frame it that way, but it’s no more true than the false claims of ‘race war’ or ‘class war’ being made to distract from what is in actuality a “Culture War.” The same idea applies here. This is a battle of values; those who believe the government should be restricted from inserting itself into the daily lives of its citizenry, restricting cherished liberties on the flimsiest of scientific “evidence,” and those who are willing to allow this for the “greater good” of defeating the Cultural Right (or “Trumpism” as we hear leftist pundits phrase it recently.)

Many on the right who oppose this horrific government overreach have in fact gotten the ѷaẍɛɛne themselves – and that’s fine! Personally, as a 38 year-old adult in perfectly good health, I’ve made the determination that CȫѶid-˥9 presents little or no risk to me of serious illness or death. The ѷaẍɛɛne on the other hand, is a total unknown. Nobody has any idea what the long term effects might be. But others on the Cultural Right may be in different circumstances. For those who are elderly or immunocompromised, the calculus is entirely different. Whether or not you’ve decided to get the ѷaẍ is irrelevant – as long as you did so of your own volition. The issue is about government overreach and the greater Culture War between the Left and the Right. Anyone who frames this as a battle of the ѷaẍᴉnated versus the unѷaẍᴉnated, is either lying to you, or fundamentally misunderstands what’s happening here.

With all of this in mind, it’s imperative that we push back as aggressively as possible against these de facto mandates. It may seem to you that this isn’t a ‘hill worth dying on’ – losing your job, ability to travel by airplane or being excluded from public events may seem like a steep price to pay just for avoiding a vaccine… but wait until you see the next ‘hill to die on.” To the Cultural Left and its Radical Axis partners in big tech and the intelligence community, CȫѶid-˥9 has provided a unique opportunity to test the waters of authoritarianism and gauge just how much resistance they will be up against in its larger mission of exterminating the Cultural Right. Losing our jobs over a ѷaẍ mandate is akin to cutting off our foot to save our collective leg. It’s going to be unpleasant; but it’s entirely necessary. If we don’t put up a fight here, the left will see a green light to continue pressing forward, inch-by-inch, in its war against the Cultural Right. Accordingly, it is our patriotic duty to resist ѷaẍ mandates as ferociously as possible, even if you got the ѷaẍ.

Remember: Freedom isn’t free – it never was.

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