Clown(s) of the Week

If their daddy wasn’t a prominent politician back in the day, these two guidos would still be in Queens, running an auto body shop, defrauding insurance companies and selling blow in the evenings.

Clown(s) of the Week for Aug 6, 2021 – Andrew and Fredo Cuomo

This week is our first double clown of the week – and it goes to Andrew and Chris (“Fredo”) Cuomo.

Despite the entire Radical Axis turning on him, including the President, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to dig his heels in and stay in office while he fights to clear his name and save his career. He’s banking his success on an arcane jurisprudential maxim that used to be popular in the old days of America, called “due process.” He is trying to convince his fellow Democrats to reserve judgement until he has had an opportunity to make his case, at which time they would weigh the evidence in a logical and rational manner before coming to a conclusion.

I suspect the fact that he’s white, male and straight will preclude any appeal to silly, outdated concepts like “due process,” but hey, at least it will be entertaining to watch.

Fredo on the other hand appears to have taken a break, at least for now. He has reportedly decided to take a week’s vacation from his position as one of CNN’s lead propagandists. He was implicated in Letitia James’ recent report on Andrew’s serial sexual harassment and assault allegations, cited as playing an active role in his brother’s administration. The AG described Fredo as a member of his brother’s “inner circle of confidantes brought in to control and direct the response” to the allegations. CNN has not yet indicated what they plan to do about one of its primetime “news” anchors secretly working for a political administration.

Many Democrats have expressed surprise that Fredo played such an inappropriate role in his brother’s affairs, but they’re the same people who were surprised when the government finally admitted that the Wuhan Virus may have come from the Wuhan Virus Lab…

Congratulations to this week’s “Clown(s) of Week” – Andy & Fredo Cuomo.

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